Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th in Movieland....

Well the big news this weekend besides the passing of Michael “The King of Pop” Jackson, was that Transformers 2 destroyed the box office! Transformers 2 raked in a bank roll of $ 201.2 million for its opening weekend. That comes in second place all-time, first place of course is last years blockbuster The Dark Knight. Even though almost every critic from here to Cybertron said this movie was a lame excuse for a movie. I have not seen it yet, but I am planning on it later this week and I will post my review here. I mean what do you expect when you go see a Micheal Bay movie? A wonderful, powerful storyline? NO you go for the big explosions and special effects! That’s why I will be seeing Transformers 2. To be entertained for 150 minutes!

And with all the talk of Michael Jackson, I can only imagine some Hollywood executive is brain storming a Michael Jackson movie. If and when this would happen who would play “The King of Pop”?

DVD news and Notes

One of the best movies from last year was released on to dvd this past week. Gran Torino said to be Clint Eastwoods last film and if it is what a wonderful piece of film it is. A story that has so much emotion and class. It is a masterpiece worth owning.

And now about a film I just watched that is not getting much buzz here in the States. I first heard about this movie here http://themovieblog.com/ It comes to us from the seas of Norway. Dead Snow a Norwegian zombie horror film. It follows in the footsteps of Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Shaun of The Dead. It has laughs, gore, zombies and more zombies! It is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the zombie movie genre. So check it out.

Signing off until next time movie fans. Same blog time, same blog spot