Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter making money and Bruno losing out...

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince made $79.5 million over the weekend. And it did a whooping $159.7 million since its Wednesday release. Which is surprising since it is said this is the darkest of all the Harry Potter films. That didn't stop people from seeing it. From kids to adults, they all went out at 12am or this weekend to see there favorite wizard named Harry on the big screen. The same can't be said for Sacha Baron Coen's Bruno. Bruno only made a dismal $8 million on its second weekend. I have not seen it, but from what I heard on its opening weekend people were walking out of the theater before it end. So we can say Bruno = FAIL. I'm sure Mr. Potter and his mates will be raking in the money this following weekend as well.

Comic book movie news

So last week it became official Ryan Reynolds will play the Green Lantern. Looks like Reynolds will get to play a DC comics hero and a Marvel hero, that's if the Deadpool movie is moving foward. I think Ryan Reynolds will do good in both roles. I can see him as Hal Jordan and I can see him as Wade Wilson. Which we got a preview of him as Wade Wilson in Wolverine: Origins. So I am looking forward to both these films when they do come out.

Natalie Portman also officially is going to be in the new Thor movie in pre production now. She will be playing Jane Foster Thor's first love. This film has the potential to be an Epic film. Yes it is more fantasy than Iron Man, but I think this movie will be just as good as Iron Man.

Speaking of Iron Man, they have finished shooting Iron Man 2. I'm hoping they can deliver a great sequel as did Christopher Nolan did with The Dark Knight. From early reports and pictures it is looking like it will be. This movie will have tons of star power. From Robert Downey Jr. to Don Cheadle to Mickey Rourke and the ever so hot Scarlett Johansson. We can only wait for the first trailer to get super geeked out and excited. I will be waiting.....