Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Survived the Weekend! Now its time for trailers!

I hope everyone had a fun filled 4th of July. So if you are not too hungover or to full from cookouts all weekend, look at what I have in store for you today. I wanted to post a few trailers for some remaining summertime movies and for your viewing pleasure! Forget your work and everything else and take a look at these films. From bat smashing soldiers, to aliens on earth, to Woody from Cheers fighting Zombies. Here are some Trailers for your eyes.

Here is the trailer for Inglorious Bastards a film by Quentin Tarantino. This movie will be full of violence and plenty of F-bombs. Lets see if Quentin can deliver here. Since Death Proof felt like an hour of chicks talking about nothing.

Here is a look at a interesting movie called District 9. Peter Jackson is the producer of District 9. What is this film all about? I'm not to sure but does look interesting! It has a documentary feel to the trailer, but keeps you wondering what these aliens are doing here. I have faith in Peter Jackson to produce a good film. Just take a glance and make up your own mind.

Here is Zombieland starring Woody Harrelson, I know it doesn't come out till October but this movie just looks like kick-ass and laughs! I'm looking foward to this film. Looks funny and gory all in one!